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Canadian Vape CRC Requirements and Guidelines

When you shop for wholesale vapes in Canada with Valor Distributions, you can be sure that every product you receive meets the most up-to-date standards and regulations in Canada and is in full compliance with the requirements of Health Cana...

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The Rise of Disposable Vapes

As disposable vape technology continues to improve and devices get larger and last longer for less money, especially when considering things like the federal excise tax on vaping, their popularity and share of the vaping market is likely ...

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What Is The Federal Excise Vape Tax and How Will It Affect You?

A new federal vape excise tax has gone into effect in Canada, and it applies to all e-liquids and e-liquid-filled products. As vape products as we know them today did not exist at the time, they were not included...

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Canadian Vape Wholesale With Valor Distributions

Valor Distributions has been providing top-quality customer service, industry expertise, and fast shipping on wholesale vape orders across Canada since 2015. Our facility is located in the Greater Toronto Area and we aim to offer the fastest...

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