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Industry Insights

  1. Vice Wholesale Disposable Vapes

    Wholesale Disposable Vapes: The Vice Collection

    As a premium vape wholesale distributor, Valor Distributions understands the importance of diversity in product offerings. We partner with VICE. This enables us to offer our clients premium disposable vapes. These products cater to a variety of customer preferences.
  2. Canadian Vape Wholesale and Specialty Vape Shop Regulations

    Canadian Vape Wholesale and Specialty Vape Shop Regulations

    As vaping gains popularity as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, the demand for vape products in Canada has risen exponentially. This has led to the growth of the vaping industry, including Canadian vape wholesalers and specialty vape shops. To ensure the safe and responsible sale and use of vape products, the Canadian government has implemented regulations.
  3. Vaping Products-Specific Regulations

    Vaping Products-Specific Regulations: What The Wholesalers Need You to Know

    If you are going to be working in the vape industry in Canada, there are a host of regulations that you need to be aware of and follow in order to legally manufacture, Import, distribute, and sell vape products. While many of these regulatory measures are implemented at the manufacturing or import stage, retailers selling vape products still need to be aware of all applicable regulations and make sure that the products on their shelves are compliant with both federal and provincial guidelines.
  4. Berry Drop E-liquids

    Why E-Liquids and Open Pod Systems Offer The Best Value For Your Customers

    When considering which vape device to use, cost is a significant factor to keep in mind. Although rechargeable open system devices require a higher upfront cost, opting for a system with longer-lasting components can provide long-term savings. However, it is essential to critically evaluate the other factors that can affect the choice of a vape device, such as convenience, portability, and customization options.