The Rise of Disposable Vapes

Vape devices have evolved exceptionally quickly since the early 2000s when modern vape systems were invented and first came on the market. But before we dive into the more recent advancements in the industry, let’s take a quick look at the full history of vaping on the timeline below.

While the concept of vapor-based devices to replace combustible cigarettes has been around for a century, the technology needed to safely and effectively achieve such a device wasn’t created until after the new millennium. The early generations of e-cigarette-style vapes were directed almost entirely at imitating not only the physical sensation of smoking a cigarette but also the aesthetic and grip that smokers were used to. 

As e-cigarettes made their way around the world throughout the mid-2000s, interest and investment began to swell driving research and development of new styles of vape devices focused more on the vape experience as something unique rather than trying to imitate cigarette use in every way. 

The industry shift from form to function opened up the way for modern pod systems, like Juul, and the ascension of fully disposable vape devices like those from Vice, Ghost, Geek Bar, and STLTH. But what makes disposable vapes so popular that they are outshining all the other options in the vaping industry?

What Makes Disposables So Popular

The main advantages that are driving disposable’s popularity have to do with their convenience, but they also provide an exceptional flavour experience and offer a level of affordability over traditional cigarettes that draws in many new vape users. 

As disposable vape technology continues to improve and devices get larger and last longer for less money, especially when considering things like the federal excise tax on vaping, their popularity and share of the vaping market is likely only to grow.

Convenience is King

It’s not hard to see how the convenience of disposable vape devices is a major draw for both first-time and well-seasoned vape users. All disposables use a draw activation system that makes using them as easy as possible, especially for those moving away from cigarette use. 

Disposables come pre-filled and fully charged right out of the box so there’s no delaying gratification with charge times or trying to fill a tank or open pods. While the more truly disposable options are not rechargeable, the trend towards trying to fit more and more e-liquid in a disposable has seen the rise of a number of disposables that are rechargeable so that they take up less space but still offer the user the full number of expected puffs from 10 mL of liquid or more. 

While a large disposable might need to be recharged two to three times, that’s the full extent of maintenance that disposables require. The closed system offers a more secure experience with less leaking and no chance of separation between the battery component and the e-liquid chamber. This self-containment also means that users don’t need to worry about replacing coils or refilling e-liquid. Once the flavour starts to fade and the e-liquid is depleted, it’s simply time to switch out the whole device for a new one.

Superior Taste Experience

Since disposable devices are being regularly replaced, there isn’t enough time for buildup to form on the coils, meaning the flavour experience of a disposable is usually much more intense and enjoyable than systems that rely on the coils for longer stretches of time. 

Beyond this, the fact that disposables come prefilled means that the e-liquid itself has more time to fully soak into the wick adding to the immediate intensity of the flavour. The vast majority of disposable vapes utilize nic salts in their e-liquid formulas as the lower pH compared to freebase nicotine provides a smoother overall throat hit that allows for a fuller perception of the flavour.  

E-liquid and hardware in disposables are designed together for optimal flavour. Many disposables use vertical coils that offer better flavour delivery than standard coils. The specific design of disposables takes into account factors such as e-liquid amount, battery size, and additional features. As disposables are completely closed, manufacturers can control these variables more closely, resulting in the best combination of factors for the most enjoyable and realistic flavours possible.


The convenience of disposable vapes pairs with their respective affordability. Although disposables are generally slightly more expensive in the long run than comparable pod systems, the added benefits of ease of use and absolute minimal maintenance more than compensate for the slight difference in cost. Additionally, when compared to the price of cigarette use, disposable vapes offer significant savings, which is another part of the reason they are so popular with first-time vape users.

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