Kilo E-Liquids




A brand that needs no introduction, Kilo has been paving the way of incredible juice since the dawn of the vape industry. With clean and well-executed flavors and top notch branding Kilo is a must have in any shop to keep customers coming back! At Valor Distributions we are proud to represent Kilo as the official wholesale distributor to all regions of Canada with fast shipping and no MOQ. As a Canada based wholesale distributor we provide our wholesale clients with world-renowned customer service and quality products. If you are a business owner in Canada looking to stock your shelves with KILO than open a wholesale account with Valor Distributions today, and let us show you the new standard of quality and service!


Kiberry Yogurt: Creamy vanilla yogurt mixed with fresh slices of strawberries and kiwi.

Dewberry Cream: Honeydew infused cream with subtle notes of mixed berry.

True Blue: Your favorite custard infused with fresh plump ripened blueberries.

Cereal Milk: The milky goodness that is left over after finishing a bowl of your favorite fruity cereal.

Fruit Whip: A secret blend of fresh ripe fruits topped with a dollop of sweet whipped cream!


Ice Cream Sandwich: A distinctive blend of chocolate cookie and luscious vanilla ice cream yields a rich chocolate taste on the inhale with a captivating sweet creamy aftertaste. 

Marshmallow Crisp: A deliciously sweet, toasted rice cereal stirred into a bowl of gooey melted marshmallows. 


Apple Pie: Kilo Black Series Apple Pie is a uniquely crafted version of the iconic Apple Pie, with caramelized apples mixed into a lightly spiced cinnamon bath folded into a perfect flaky pastry crust.

Honey Creme: Kilo Black Series Honey Creme, is a smooth, rich vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of sweet honey, topped with roasted nuts will have your taste buds buzzing with joy.