Snozz E-Liquids




A liquid even more delicious than it sounds; Snozzberry takes an imaginative idea and brings it to life in a fruit vape that is unique and down right delicious. Since the launch of Snozzberry in 2015, it has dominated the juice market and remains a classic in all shops and every serious vapers collection. Now, in 2017 Snozzberry has reinvented itself with a new and improved recipe and redesigned label for the current market! At Valor Distributions we are proud to be the official wholesale distributor of Snozzberry in Canada. We provide our wholesale clients in all regions of Canada with the new and improved full Snozzberry line, with fast shipping and no MOQ! If you are a shop or business owner in Canada looking to bring the classic flavour of Snozzberry into your shop, than open a wholesale account with Valor distributions today!

Snozzberry: A secret blend of magical berries that will keep you guessing and dying for more! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Snozzcreme: The magical berry blend accented with luscious sweet cream. You wouldn’t mind falling in a river of this stuff!