Say goodbye to wasteful disposal practices and hello to environmental responsibility with VapeCycle!

Introducing VapeCycle– your go-to recycling program for your favourite disposable vaping products. By choosing proper disposal methods, you're not just vaping, you're making a positive environmental impact.

The VapeCycle program provides adult vapers with a simple and effective way to dispose of their favourite disposable vaping products. By participating in VapeCycle, you can prevent these products from ending up in landfills, significantly reducing your environmental impact.

In partnership with leading disposable vape brands like DROP BOX, VICE, FLIP BAR, and SLIM DUO, VapeCycle ensures that your used vaping products are recycled responsibly.

Valor Distributions is thrilled to announce that VapeCycle Kits are now available for order! Each VapeCycle kit includes 50 disposal bags and an informative Table Talker, making it easy to join the movement toward a greener future. Get your VAPECYCLE kit today at Valor Distributions and make the switch to sustainable vaping!

How does VapeCycle Work?

It's simple: just gather 20 used disposable vaping devices and place them in your VapeCycle bags. Ensure they're fully used and empty before bagging. If you have more than one bag, pack them in a cardboard box.

Next, head to and fill out the online form with your details for the recycling process. Once completed, you'll receive a shipping label via email within 24 hours. Place your sealed and labeled bags in a box, affix the label, and drop it off at any courier location-all for free!

Join us in recycling your vaping products with ease and help create a cleaner environment!

Visit to learn more about the VapeCycle Recycling Program.