Velvet Cloud Vapor




Velvet cloud is an all-natural e-juice line with a 100% pure vg base and no artificial colours or flavourings. Crafted in San Francisco with everything from desserts to bright fruity flavours, Velvet cloud has something delicious for everyone! At Valor Distributions we are proud to be the official wholesale distributor for Velvet Cloud in Canada. We provide our wholesale clients in all regions of Canada with the full Velvet Cloud line with fast shipping and no MOQ! At Valor Distributions we take away the headaches of border delays, long shipping times and paying in foreign currencies allowing you to get the Velvet Cloud juices you want without any of the hassles! If you are a shop or business owner in Canada looking to bring Velvet Cloud into your shop, than open a wholesale account with Valor Distributions today and let us show you how great customer service can be!


Strawb-Gwab: The refreshing taste of strawberry and guava.

Thorangine: A citrus of tangerine and orange with a cream accent. 

Mewlews Magic: A nutty chocolaty blend with loads of fudge.

Nutty Cookie: Chocolate chip cookies accented with nutty flavour!

Frosted Gingerbread: Warm gingerbread cookies with sweet frosting.

Fruit Cup: A refreshing blend of strawberry, pear and honeydew!

Catherine the Grape: Pinot Noir Grape accented with lush black currant!

Caramel Swirl: Heavy caramel accented with sweet cream.

Vanilla Custard: Your favourite creamy and rich custard!

Harvest Berry: Blueberry, raspberry and strawberry accented with a note of cherry!

White Beard: A medium tobacco accented with custard and butterscotch.

Burly Beard: Flume Cured Kentucky & Virginia tobacco.

Night Shift: The night time favourite of coffee and donuts!

Mt. Shasta Frost: A cooling blend of peppermint and spearmint.

Monkey Leisure: A banana cream custard accented with vanilla!

Pink Square: A classic strawberry accented with custard for a  taffy like flavour!

Pandamonium: A classic flavour of white gummy bears!

Summer Sweet: A summertime blend of lemon, raspberry and watermelon with notes of sweet tea.